Sven Temper
1965 Born, lives and works in Berlin
1991–1996 Free Art, HfbK Hamburg
1996–1998 Postgraduate Studies (Free Art), HfbK Hamburg

Sven Temper

It’s time, once again, for art to play an active role again in shaping our living environment, says Sven Temper. His furniture designs are the result of his entering into an intense dialog with art history. In his opinion, designing is a complex process of selecting from various ideas that have to be questioned for their relevance in today’s world. All his armchairs and chairs, shelves and lamps have an unobtrusively minimalist and constructivist look. For this Berlin-based artist, functionality does not only mean usability but also includes the aesthetic quality of an object’s surroundings. Temper regards it as essential to expand the concept of art by adding another dimension, i.e. that of aesthetic action.