Simply Wear
1969 Stefanie Wiebelhaus was born in Siegen, Germany
1988–92 Trained as a dressmaker in Münster and at the Vocational College for Clothing Technology and Design in Mönchengladbach
1992–2002 Worked as a designer for Alpha Nova, York, England; as head of CAD at comma, Düsseldorf, and in the same function for Joop!, Heidelberg
2002–2013 Worked as an instructor at fashion and vocational schools in Mannheim
2013 Set up her own studio and her Simply Wear label in Deidesheim

Simply Wear

Sophisticated cutting techniques need appropriate, high-quality fabrics to showcase their effects to perfection. “Clear-cut lines and refined details can make the difference between a piece of clothing and a holistically conceived work of art,” says Stefanie Wiebelhaus. The idea behind her “Simply Wear” label is to create well-designed, perfectly wearable one-of-a-kind garments. The CIRCLEEGG coat, for example, is a composition of black and egg-shaped white Jacquard fabrics. Like the Redline coat in the 1950s style, it is one of the design classics that she has complemented with new accents or made of a different type of fabric. For Wiebelhaus, the challenge is to always come up with new, fascinating combinations. Neither created for a specific season nor following any fashionable trend, her collection stands for consummately stylish designs, quality craftsmanship and timeless elegance. The prices range from 200 euros to several thousand for bridal dresses and evening gowns.