Violetta Elisa Seliger
1980 Born in Düsseldorf
2002–2006 Apprenticeship as a goldsmith, Staatl. Zeichenakademie Hanau
2006 Working experience in Chicago, USA, Leonardo da Vinci Scholarship, Vicenca, Italy
Since 2007 Freelance work as a goldsmith

Violetta Elisa Seliger

Since she trained as a goldsmith, Violetta Elisa Seliger has been working on themes such as space, corporeal entities and three-dimensionality, using various techniques to craft her highly imaginative jewelry. She often takes two-dimensional geometrical elements as a basis, cuts incisions into them and cambers, twists and bends the individual sections. Then she assembles these newly created components in disparate variations to fashion three-dimensional pieces of jewelry whose shapes reveal little of their original forms. Her elegant pendants, brooches or earrings radiate an eminently sculptural quality and vibrant dynamism. To craft her spatially encompassing bracelets, Seliger also uses the classical forging technique, whereas she usually creates wax models for her rings before casting them in precious metal.

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