Sebastian Hepp
1963 Born in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
1984–1987 Apprenticeship as a blacksmith, Gauting
1991–1992 Master school for blacksmiths, Munich
Since 1996 Freelance as a metal designer

Sebastian Hepp

Sebastian Hepp consciously uses the attractive scaling and scarring that occur during forging to produce lively surface textures on his steel objects. The blows of his hammer fluidly deform the material during the brief annealing phase, leaving traces that serve as visible reminders of the smith’s energy and the dynamism of his working process. Each object accordingly acquires a unique and irreproducible aura. Likewise unique is the high reflectivity of the linear structures with which Hepp embellishes the alloy’s surface. The originally matte steel gains a high-contrast depth effect, which is decisively determined by the angle and intensity of the incident light. The result is an appealing tension between geometric shapes, the weightiness of the forged material and the complexity of its graceful, finely textured surfaces.

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