1974 Born in Werther / Westphalia, Germany
1995–1997 Architecture, Technical University of Braunschweig
1998–2003 Trained as a cabinet maker and wheelwright, then work as a journeyman
2003–2007 Metal design, Hildesheim’s University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Since 2007 Freelancer as a knifemaker and designer
2008/2009 Teaching at Hildesheim’s University of Applied Sciences and Arts


The knives crafted by Gunther Löbach are as functional as they are beautiful because he knows how to skillfully combine these two features by applying both ancient and new techniques. On the one hand he is a master of the traditional technique of forging Damascus steel. Many of his knives reveal the immaculate beauty of the material, and their patterns – a result of the forging process – show off their shape to perfection. On the other hand, he puts his well-developed sense of technology and innovation into practice. Thus, his folding knives are equipped with a special handle that is shorter than the blade yet protects the latter’s entire length when the knife is closed. Taking ergonomic and aesthetic aspects well beyond functionality, he creates works of art for use in everyday life. His knives have been awarded the Special Applied Arts Prize at the “Zeughausmesse” exhibition in Berlin in 2008, and in the same year, one of them was selected as the “Best Damascus Steel Knife” at the Dutch Knife Exhibition in the Netherlands. In 2007 Löbach won the “Folding Knife of the Year” prize awarded by the Deutsches Klingenmuseum (German Blade Museum) in Solingen.