Johanna Schweizer
1946 Born in Enschede, Netherlands
1969–1973 Ecole des Arts d’Ixelles, Brussels
1978–1980 ABK AKI Enschede (School of Art and Design), Netherlands
1980–1983 ABK St Joost (Art school), Breda, Netherlands
1983 Lives and works in Breda, Netherlands

Johanna Schweizer

Johanna Schweizer’s tool is the crochet hook. With this archaic technique and shrilly colored polymer threads, she creates a diverse array of figures that openly reveal their sexuality. Sometimes bizarre or even demonic, her figures are inspired by the world of mythology and recall long-forgotten cultic rituals. Threatening skulls crocheted with shiny metal threads are a frequently recurring motif. All of this artist’s figures seem like compositions without inner structures, thus inviting their viewers to gaze into an empty center. In this way, Johanna Schweizer confronts the viewers with themes such as sexuality, power, dominance, life and death. By crocheting, she contributes her personally colored statement to a contemporary discussion.

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