Joo Hyung Park
1982 Born in Seoul, South Korea
2007–2010 Rhode Island School of Design, USA,
Jewelry and Metalsmithing, Bachelor
2010–2012 Royal College of Art London,
Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork & Jewelry, Master
2012 Theo Fennell Award, Studio William Welch Cutlery design competition, 2nd price
Seit 2012 Independent artist

Joo Hyung Park

By integrating pieces of cutlery in wooden or metal surfaces as if the latter were made of a soft and malleable material, Joo Hyung Park conjoins various kinds of tableware in a perplexing manner. The sculptures thus created are intended as snapshots of the eating process. “My hands capture the moment when artistically designed cutlery is used to feed the eater’s mouth,” says this South Korean designer. With her art inspired by everyday objects, she not only transforms culinary delights into a visual experience, but also communicates ideas with a symbolic content. Her combinations of chopsticks and spoon bowls, for example, symbolize a dining culture that harmoniously unites European and Asian elements. The prices range from 500 to 5000 euros.