Barbara Nanning
1957Born in Den Haag
1974-1979Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam

Barbara Nanning

Barbara Nanning’s oeuvre is characterized by consummate craftsmanship in both the glassblower’s and the ceramicist’s art, by innovative materials and a unique repertoire of forms and shapes. This artist extraordinaire unites tradition and innovation, Dutch simplicity and Oriental opulence, structure and artistic freedom, as well as reason and emotions. Her inexhaustible source of inspiration is nature in all its manifestations, whether organic or inorganic, and in particular water, wind and clouds. She always works from the circle, which she sees as an archetype. “The center of the circle is a resting point, from there, the movement emanates… That’s what I do: capturing the essence of movement and growth in my work.”

Coloured Shadows in Glass – Barbara Nanning

Eternal Spring Barbara Nanning EN subtitled

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Art Aurea Awards – Winners 2016

Represented by

  • Belgium
      • Pierre Marie Giraud

        Address7, rue de Praetere
        1050 Brussels, Belgium
        Phone+32 (0) 2 503 0351
  • Switzerland
      • Taste contemporary craft

        taste contemporary craft
        AddressRue Abraham Constantin 6
        1206 Geneva
        Phone+41 79 286 24 84
        TimesThursday–Friday 2–6pm
        Monday–Wednesday by appointment
  • USA
      • J. Lohmann Gallery

        J Lohmann Gallery_New York
        AddressP.O. Box 437
        New York, NY 10021
        Phone+ 212-734-1445
        TimesBy appointment only

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