Felix Mueller
1963 Born in Halle/Saale
1985–1990 Studies metal/enamel, University for Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein Halle, diploma
Seit 1990 Studio in Schielo (Harz)
1991 Price of Talentbörse Handwerk, International Craft Fair Munich
2004 Bochum Design Price

Felix Mueller

Felix Müller’s creations evoke retro-futuristic associations. Their slightly mechanical appearance, however, is deceptive, because their interiors often harbor cutting-edge electronics. “Their shapes don’t correspond to the state of the technology involved,” comments Müller on what he perceives as an exciting contrast. He also combines new and traditional techniques in the manufacturing process, such as laser-cutting, embossing or metal-spinning. Prior to that, he usually draws sketches for his objects made of blackened steel, copper or brass. Being essential design elements, their functional parts are never concealed. Setting great store by solidity and practicality, this metal designer’s unconventional lamps, coffeemakers and other products are always intended as items of practical utility, and not merely as objets d’art. Prices on request. ART AUREA AWARD winner 2015