Eva Moosbrugger
1957 Born in Stuttgart, lives and works in Dornbirn, Austria, and Venice
Since 1974 Has been studying various painting and material processing techniques
1992 Salzburg Summer Academy of Fine Arts: “Drawing” course taught by Jim Dine
1995 Created her first glass sculpture
2015 Prizewinner at the Baden-Württemberg International Design Awards

Eva Moosbrugger

The poetry and beauty inherent in natural shapes are important sources of inspiration for Eva Moosbrugger. Colors play a vital role in her art. In 1984, she created sculptures and installations from wood, iron, concrete, ceramic materials, stone and metal. Since 1995, within the context of various work cycles, she has been focusing mainly on objects that she crafts by free-blowing molten glass. “Because it’s a wonderful material,” she says, “pure and pristine and with a mysterious life of its own.” By collaborating with eminent glassblowers on the island of Murano, she has been creating objects of timeless beauty ever since. They are characterized by either monochrome colors or a combination of stripes in different colors, as well as by organic shapes and finely textured surfaces. The same applies to her “Memory Objects”, which is what this artist has christened her urns of breathtaking beauty.

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