Ritsue Mishima
1962Born in Kyoto, Japan
1982Stylist for an advertising company
1989Moves to Venice
1996Dedicates to glass art
2001Won the Giorgio Armani Award, Sotheby's, London

Ritsue Mishima

The Japanese-Italian artist Ritsue Mishima is a unique figure in the art of contemporary Venetian glass. The autodidact uses exclusively colourless glass and her work stands as a sampler of old glass-blowing and innovative decorating techniques. Mishima finds inspiration in nature, in the universe and the Venice Lagoon with its enchanting light. The gleaming scales of a fish, minuscule sea creatures seen through a microscope, ominous meteorites and starry skies – these are topics that moves her. “A Mishima object is not of this world and does not lend itself to what we tend to think of as useful functions”, the art critic Rob Smolders writes.

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