Iris Merkle
1972 Born in Aalen
1994–1995 Trainee as a goldsmith
1996–2001 Studies Jewelry Design, Pforzheim and Helsinki
Since 2006 Studio in Stuttgart
2014 State Award: Design Art Craft, Baden-Württemberg for Necklace Falter & Flötenspiel

Iris Merkle

Iris Merkle compares creating jewelry to telling stories. “I make jewelry for people, and I am delighted when it is being worn.” In her jewelry, she also gives artistic expression to themes that she really cares about. In the past she was working on the themes of parting and loss, of mourning and death, using relics that she finds in nature, which are then incinerated in the casting process. Cast in metal, they convey a sense of beauty and evanescence, radiating a charm that is all their own. To her current work Iris Merkle explains: “We humans move between the poles of nature and artificiality. Where life begins and where it ends, there is no control for us, no matter how much we might wish for it. In my work, I trace this powerlessness. My ‘apparatuses’ can be worn on the body or function as wall objects. They don’t deceive us and openly show their insides.”

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