Lyk Carpet
1976 born in Düsseldorf, Germany
1997-2003 studied industrial design at Berlin’s University of the Arts
Since 2004 has been working as a freelance designer
Since 2009 Creative designer and Managing Director at Lyk Carpet

Lyk Carpet

Mareike Lienau enjoys using the traditional Tibetan craft of carpet making to create new and sometimes three-dimensional combinations of shapes and colors. In so doing, the designer from LykCarpet radically expands the conventional notion of the carpet and its function. A carpet from LykCarpet can be like a lawn for sunbathing, a seating ensemble, a picture, a sculpture or a combination of these. Lienau’s guiding principle is respect for human beings and nature. The conditions under which a carpet is made and how its future owner lives with it are important to Mareike Lienau, who says, “I would like my creations to not only reach people who are fond of crafts. Viewing and imaginatively using one of my artworks can lead to new insights and viewpoints, as well as enriching the sharing of information.”