Anne Ute Kaden
1988 Born in Karl-Marx-Stadt
2007–2011 Silversmith at Zeichenakademie Hanau
2011 State Winner and 2nd Federal Winner, competition Deutsches Handwerk; Federal Winner “Die Gute Form“
2018 Messe Frankfurt, "Next Design Generation" with Alloy 925
2019 MA Industrial Design, Burg Giebichenstein, Halle

Anne Ute Kaden

The pieces of jewelry that Anne Ute Kaden offers under her “Alloy 925” label are like snapshots of places and times. Every item is uniquely and experimentally made from 925 silver. Each one manifests the relationship between its wearer and its place of origin. Its shape, color and surface are influenced by the molding method. The molten alloy is poured directly into molds made of various earthen materials, thus creating rough structures and plays of color on the metal’s surface. This results in an individuality that gradually acquires greater significance because the wearer and natural influences continually change the jewelry.