Stefanie Frye
1983 Born in Neuwied, Germany
2003–2007 Trained as a goldsmith
2007–2011 Applied Art and Design at the University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf
Since 2012 Freelance jewelry designer

Stefanie Frye

Clear shapes, precious materials and fascinating plays of light characterize Stefanie Frye’s jewelry. Reflections of light, together with alternations between light and shadow, convey a lively, natural charm and a feeling of individuality and timeless beauty. The fabrication of these pieces of jewelry requires traditional craftsmanship along with technical know-how and innovative manufacturing methods. This is why the designer produces her collections partly in her own workshop, but also in cooperation with manufactories and master craftsmen in Germany. “Sustainability and collaboration with local companies are very close to my heart,” says Stefanie Frye.

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