Anne Fischer
1980 Born in Nürnberg
2001–2004 State College for Glass and Jewellery in Neugablonz
2004–2010 Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg at the class of Ulla Mayer
2010–2013 Assistant of Daniel Kruger, Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle , own studio

Anne Fischer

Anne Fischer regards her vessels not as items of practical use, but as objects that tell us something about their functions and idiosyncratic characteristics. Serving to take in and give back, their openings represent the passage from the outside to the inside, and vice versa. Vessels can also be considered as metaphors for the human body and the human existence, the artist says. Anne Fischer regards knives, forks or spoons as personalities, explores their individual characters and portrays them as those of dancers, creating shadow figures, curious children and governesses. “I foster their talents and support them in their further development. Afterwards, I release them on the table, which they transmute into a stage.”

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