Martina Ege
1970 Born in Laupheim, Germany
1993–1995 Apprenticeship as a goldsmith in Ulm, Germany
1996 Goldsmith’s activity in Namibia
2000 Master goldsmiths’s certificate
Since 2005 Own atelier in Mietingen/Baltringen near Laupheim, Germany
2016/2020 Participation in the state exhibition of Baden-Württemberg

Martina Ege

Large, simple rings and necklaces in gold or silver with beautiful gemstones were for a long time the passion of the master goldsmith Martina Ege. A few years ago, during her travels she discovered the underwater world for herself. Inspired by the diverse organic shapes and bright colors of marine animals and plants, Martina Ege has since developed the ever-growing jewelry collection Blumentiere [Flower Animals]. The intricately handcrafted works of art are modeled in wax and then cast in silver. Enameling gives the necklaces, pendants, earrings and rings their colorfulness. The new works appear fragile, spiky and colorful. Transparent fire enamel on black ground fascinates with its luminosity. The combination arouses curiosity and awakens the wish to grasp the jewelry haptically. The associations range from underwater world to hairbrush. The price range is between 150 and 2500 euros.

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