ATARA design / Heike Stuckstedde
1971 Born in Wuppertal
1991-1999 Diploma in art history, University of Vienna
Until 2011 Leading positions in art and culture management
2012-2014 Master’s degree in interior design, New Design University, St. Pölten
Since 2014 Development of light objects made of light guides. Group and solo exhibitions
2015 Founding of the ATARA design label
From 2017 German Design Award Special Mention and other awards.

ATARA design / Heike Stuckstedde

For her two- and three-dimensional light objects and elements, the artist, interior designer and designer Heike Stuckstedde uses sunlight and LEDs as light sources. Using the light in a subtle way so that it leaves filigree traces in interiors is made possible by the manually processed fibre optics. They form the heart of every handmade light object. This creates a sparkle, a dance, a magical play of lightness and translucence. This is also reflected in the materials, which range from fibreglass fabric to metal, handmade paper, textile and moss to stone. “Poetically translating the subtlety of light is achieved by transforming materials and different techniques that are placed in a new context,” says Heike Stuckstedde. In this way, light is released from its previous self-evidence and becomes a jewel in the room.