Hendrike Roers
1985 Born in Oberhausen, Germany
2005–2008 Trained as a goldsmith in Essen
2012 Bachelor of Applied Art and Design, Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences
2014 Master of Arts (Design), Potsdam University of Applied Sciences
Since 2013 Has been living and working in Berlin

Hendrike Roers

Hendrike Roers has been intensively engaged with ornaments, fractal structures and elements of nature for a long time now. Based on these sources of inspiration, she has, over the course of several years, developed an unusual two- and three-dimensional universe that she continues to further elaborate and enrich by creating new objects featuring complex patterns and crafted from several layers of paper, or other materials. “The patterns visualize the complexity of life,” explains Hendrike Roers. What sparked her interest in exploring the theme of patterns was a trip to Andalusia, where she encountered Islamic ornamentation, unfamiliar territory for her hitherto. And although her creations still testify to this influence, they clearly set themselves apart with their own distinctive complexity. The prices range from 100 to 3000 euros.