Josephine Lützel
1961Born in Hamburg
1983–1987Trained as a silversmith, State Vocational School for Glass and Decoration, Kaufbeuren
1990–1991Internship at A. Ruffenach engraving studio, Strasbourg, prior to that freelancer at Stefan Epp’s studio on Reichenau Island
Since 1993Own studio in Winterhausen

Josephine Lützel

Functionality, i.e. the concern for the future user, is of central importance in Josephine Lützel’s work. Her vessels are made for daily use. Based on geometrical shapes such as cylinders, cones or flat lenses, her tableware made of 925 silver nevertheless develops an artistic life of its own. This designer has been working with asymmetrical objects featuring triangular bases and tops for four years now. Crafted in different sizes, these triangles are not congruent and, in addition, are slightly twisted against each other. The curved outer surfaces lend her vases, jugs and cans a dynamic and vivid appearance. Her strong commitment to functionality has earned Josephine Lützel an important position among contemporary silversmith masters. Since 2006, she has won several prizes such as, for example, the Bavarian State Award in 2007. Her works are on display in the German Historical Museum in Berlin as well as in other public collections.

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