Hanne Bay Luehrssen
1948Born in Denmark
1967Started training as a goldsmith in various ateliers in Germany and Denmark
Since 1978Has been working as a freelance jewelry designer in Flensburg
2011Won the Danish National Arts and Crafts Award of 1879 (Hetsch medal), Copenhagen

Hanne Bay Luehrssen

“My creations are based on a design concept – involving an idea and a specific choice of materials,” explains Hanne Bay Luehrssen. By contrasting plastic with conventional jewelry materials, such as gold and silver, in her necklaces, rings and brooches, she wants us to reflect upon and talk about our notions of value with regard to jewelry. In addition, she attaches great importance to innovation and a dash of provocation. Her small sculptures all feature geometrical shapes – simple design elements, from which she creates three-dimensional entities destined to be worn on the body and quite often reminiscent of constructivist creations. Nevertheless, her pieces are always the result of her striving for a harmonious balance between material, idea and precise workmanship. Prices range between 400 and 900 €.

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