Alena Willroth
1973Born in Prague, Czechia
1993–1995Studied history and philosophy at Charles University in Prague
2001–2003Studied fashion design at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and obtained her degree
2008Moved to Berlin
2013Set up the “Slast” jewelry label and launched the “Bunt” project together with Hannes Willroth and Karen Menzel

Alena Willroth

Alena Willroth’s jewelry designs originate from her predilection for the aesthetics of natural microforms. Her constant quest for unorthodox forms of expression led her to develop a special heat-sealing technique that enables her to create filigreed jewelry from polyethylene films for her collection entitled “Slast” (the Czech word for “delight”). This technique involves transferring the design draft onto a film, then cutting it out by hand and finally heat-treating it. The result is influenced very much by the material’s “will of its own” and therefore represents a fusion of design and destiny. A plastic that is omnipresent in our everyday lives but little appreciated is thus transformed by imagination and skilled craftsmanship into something unexpectedly precious. The prices range from 70 to 600 euros.

Represented by

  • Czech Republic
      • Harddecore Gallery

        AddressSenovážné náměstí 10
        110 00 Praha 1
        Czech Republic
        Phone+42 0 775 417 230
        TimesMon–Fri 11 am–7 pm
        Sun 11 am–5 pm

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