Tondino, Oliver Kreiter
1967 Born in Friedrichshafen, Germany
1984–1988 Trained as a cabinetmaker under Robert Längle, Owingen
1997 Earned the title of Master Cabinetmaker with distinction for outstanding design. Participated in the “Die Gute Form” (“Good Design”) State Exhibition in Stuttgart
1998–2001 Shared a workshop with Thomas Rösler
2014 Set up his “Tondino” atelier

Tondino, Oliver Kreiter

The circle, a shape with neither a beginning nor an end, serves Oliver Kreiter as a starting point for his creations. During the crafting process, he experiences a feeling of profound serenity, as well as a strong affinity with the material, he explains, adding: “While a workpiece is rotating, I feel whether it fits snugly into the palm of a person’s hand.” In their own individual ways and with their multilayered symbolic meanings, his vessel objects call to mind bygone cultures and rituals. Despite their minimalist shapes, they still display surface textures and structures generated by natural growth, weathering or human use. Perfectly harmonious entities, they constitute reifications of art in our everyday lives, both apprehensible and useful, as well as enhancing the appeal of quotidian life. The prices range from 350 to 1,200 euros.