Lucia Schwalenberg
1962Born in Karlsruhe, Germany
1983–95Worked as a journalist
1996–2001Studied textile design in Hanover (“Diplom” degree); obtained her master weaver’s certificate in 2011
Seit 2001Has been working in her own weaving and textile design studio
2013–14Postgraduate studies in Textile Design/Jacquard, University of Art and Design Linz (Austria); Lower Saxony State Prize for Skilled Crafts and other awards

Lucia Schwalenberg

Lucia Schwalenberg’ goal is to create fabrics with inimitable haptics and sculptural surface textures. Experimenting with different materials, colors and weaving techniques, she crafts sophisticated scarves and shawls from cashmere or silk, as well as exquisite Jacquard tablecloths from linen. “I consider table linen as something of great significance because of its social and cultural roots,” she says. Marrying an ancient art to cutting-edge technology, this textile designer and weaver works on a loom with 24 shafts to create spatial objects featuring meandering, curling and crinkling threads. She also combines highly disparate materials, such as crepe yarns, silk threads with a steel core, copper fibers or even paper with silk, cashmere and linen. Using a wide variety of weaving techniques and diverse ways, ranging from simple to highly complex, to cross the warp and weft threads, she crafts both technically demanding and eminently sensuous fabrics.

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