Claudia Lis
1969Born in Krefeld, Germany
1997–2004First Assistant to Robert Spira
Since 2004Studio in Montgomery, Wales

Claudia Lis

Claudia Lis focuses on exploring the contrast between perfection and imperfection. Celadon glazes lend her modest ceramic objects a fragile appearance. Also, the perfect visual harmony of form and color is marred by an ‘implant’. Lis deliberately incorporates a small foreign body in her vessels before firing them, such as a piece of bronze, silver or steel wool, so as to add a slight flaw that looks like a bullet hole, a burn mark or a plant breaking through asphalt. These small imperfections, however, contribute to her objects’ individual character. So the question is not whether their beauty has been impaired by flaws, but whether it’s not the flaws that make for their beauty in the first place.

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