Hennemann & Braun Bespoke Shoes
longtime master shoemaker
Since 2001 self-employed in Berlin-Mitte
Gabriele Braun longtime businesswoman and human resources manager
Since 2014 shoemaker in Berlin-Mitte
2016 common foundation of Hennemann & Braun

Hennemann & Braun Bespoke Shoes

What makes the custom-made shoes created by Hennemann & Braun so special is the infinite options available as regards their aesthetics and wearing comfort. Striving to meet their customers’ wishes as individually as possible, they craft one-of-a-kind shoes, tailored precisely to the wearer concerned, in over 300 work steps. No pair is made twice, unless the second pair is going to be put on display. The work on each pair of shoes is preceded by several detailed conversations in the shop, whose casual atmosphere and fragrant smell of leather, wood and glue invites the customers to dream of bygone times. The leather used has been certified and tested for harmful substances and, if desired, is hypoallergenic as well. The shoes’ perfect fit, plus the materials’ quality and the exquisite craftsmanship involved guarantee a sustainable product. Because when taken proper care of, bespoke shoes have a long useful life and can be repaired repeatedly.