Claudia Geiger
1968Born in Freiburg (Breisgau)
1988–1992Training as a goldsmith
1993–1996Worked at Atelier Zobel in Konstanz
1996–2000Studied at the School of Design Pforzheim (Diploma)
seit 2000Freelancing, 2001 Co-founder of Gruppe JUNI

Claudia Geiger

Claudia Geiger’s pearl necklaces are filigree and flexible creations with a complex structure and eminently sensuous appeal. Each individual pearl has been given enough space to unfold its beauty to perfection. The designer’s Mol collection includes richly varied combinations of pearls, gemstones and gold elements. Her Cluster necklaces are characterized by a vibrant contrast between motion and stillness. Each individual element has been bent and twisted by hand. Featuring a precious pearl suspended in perfect balance from a delicate metal loop, her Perl earrings radiate an aura of elegant lightness. Sporting a metal element that has been cut like a gemstone and hovers on its band, her Klunker ring resembles a minimalist sculpture.

Represented by

  • Germany
      • Galerie Spandow

        AddressFischerstraße 28
        Entry Breite Straße 23
        13597 Berlin
        Phone+49 (0)30 333 14 14
        TimesMon–Fri 10 am–6 pm
        Sat 10 am–4 pm
      • Moseler + Reichert

        AddressRömerberg 34
        60311 Frankfurt am Main
        Phone0049 (0)69 91396929
        TimesMonday–Friday 10am–7pm
        Saturday 10am–4pm

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