Christoph R. Siebrasse
1944Born in Wermelskirchen near Cologne
1960-63commercial apprenticeship
1964–1969studied in Cologne and Berlin
Since 1970studio founded together with the painter Rainer Schenk in Kronberg, Taunus, subsequently ateliers in Cologne, Dusseldorf, Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, at last Kerpen
1986Foundation of the group "Confrontation: Art and Design"

Christoph R. Siebrasse

Together with the painter Rainer Schenk, Christoph R. Siebrasse has developed spectacular furniture objects since the 1970s. Constructures made of square steel, marble, steel sheets and ropes as well as felt challenged traditional living concepts within the framework of the “New German Design Movement”. Designs such as the “Freethinker”, the telescoping “Russian Chair” or the “Pentagon Dodecahedron” are always at the limit of sculpture and design. With the chair “Sensilla” from 1988, Siebrasse succeeded in creating the first real cantilever chair, whose seat, suspended on four ropes, allows completely moving sitting. In addition, the artists always experimented with other materials and techniques, creating diverse, sometimes colorful wood furniture that draw a line between De Stijl and Pop Art.

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