Heidi Schulze-Merian
1943Born in Wroclaw
1961–1967Municipal School of Applied Arts Zürich, metall class Max Fröhlich, diploma as silversmith
Seit 1970Atelier in Bonn
1973–2010German Award for Jewellery and Precious Stones (3 times), Hessian State Award for German Arts & Crafts, Bochumer design award and other awards

Heidi Schulze-Merian

The jewelry created by Heidi Schulze-Merian is characterized by generous, sculptural shapes, intense colors, and the shimmer of light reflected from polished surfaces. “I want my pieces to adorn their wearers, but to also be aesthetically captivating as autonomous objects,” she says. Being particularly fascinated by unusual materials and shapes, this multiple prize-winning designer also uses stainless steel or synthetics, such as acrylic and colored plastic film, as well as glass vapor-coated with minerals, in addition to the classic jewelry materials such as precious metals and gemstones. With this approach, she creates rings that are artistically sophisticated objects for the hand and necklaces that are reminiscent of extravagant ruffs, or transforms a neck-ring into a collar …. All her pieces are eminently convincing creations featuring a perfectly harmonious interplay between shape, color and light. The prices range from 250 to 5000 euros.

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        AddressKoblenzer Straße 35
        Entrance Bürgerstraße
        53173 Bonn
        Phone+49 (0)228 52 88 01 52
        TimesTue–Fri 11 am–6.30 pm
        Sat 10 am–2 pm

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