Franziska Schmid-Burgk
1962Born in Munich, Germany
Since 1999Work as a ceramicist
2000–2003Further training in design and form-giving, hand-building large vessels and archaic firing techniques
Since 2002Studio in Bachern on Lake Wörthsee

Franziska Schmid-Burgk

Hand-building all of her vessels, Franziska Schmid-Burgk gradually develops their shapes during the working process. Her smoke-fired vases are glazed on the inside, whereas the dark clay’s outside features a light-colored engobe. After the glazes have been fired in the kiln, the vases are smoke-fired in an open barrel, something which results in appealing textures with an archaic touch. The glazes’ subdued colors and the material’s rawness perfectly reflect the clay’s organic character. In addition to creating engobe pieces, Franziska Schmid-Burgk also crafts cups with clear-cut designs as well as double-walled bowls from white or dark clay, some of them glazed on the inside in delicate shades of blue.