Antje Scharfe
1953Born in Berlin
1979Diploma in ceramics, Burg Giebichenstein
1979-1981College for Applied Arts, UMPRUM, Prague
Since 1981Freelance Artist
1999Member of AIC (International Academy of Ceramics)
1994-2007Professor, Burg Giebichenstein, Halle

Antje Scharfe

The ceramic objects created by Antje Scharfe are three-dimensional still lifes, crafted individually and mainly from porcelain as sculptures that she arranges so as to form spatial entities. Quite often, she juxtaposes various textures and fragments that reveal the crafting process and thus question our notions of time and space. This “master of still lifes”, as Scharfe refers to herself with a dash of irony, also showcases her bone porcelain objects very impressively in large-format illuminated boxes with well-directed lighting, thus bringing her vessels’ silhouettes to life like figures in a shadow play.