Holle Schäfer
1983Born in Quedlinburg, Germany
2007–2012University of Wismar, jewelry design under Andrea Wippermann
Since 2013Has been working freelance in Berlin, Germany

Holle Schäfer

“I try to transmute the lightness of pencil drawings into jewelry; I want to create a haptic experience on the wearer’s skin,” says Holle Schäfer. This jewelry artist designs and crafts jewelry that bespeaks the skilled craftsmanship and love involved in its creation. Her “Interlaced” necklaces composed of triangular teak veneer plates look lightweight yet at the same time voluminous. Her two-tone necklaces without a clasp – many of them made of round or oval metal trace chain segments – radiate a compelling aura of youthful panache and clarity. By combining enameled or lacquered segments with elastic rubber cords, Schäfer creates eminently colorful and cheerful necklaces. The variants in silver and black without a rubber cord are captivating examples of reified timeless elegance. The prices range from 90 to 600 euros.