Kristina Rothe
1983Born in Großenhain
2003–2007Graduated as a textile designer from University of Applied Arts Schneeberg
2005–2006Studied in France, learned the paper making technique from Helmut Frerick
Since 2013Studio in Leipzig
2014Grassi Prize of the Carl und Anneliese Goerdeler foundation

Kristina Rothe

We are surrounded by paper throughout our lives. Kristina Rothe uses this vulnerable material to craft vessels that also stay with us in the hereafter. Deliberately created in white, her unobtrusive urns symbolize a new beginning, as well as a conceptual alternative to our conventional funeral culture characterized by severity and various shades of black. The delicate surface texture, patterns and accents are usually generated in the process of shaping the pulp in a negative plaster mold crafted on the basis of a textile, hand-sewn model. In the drying process, the hemp fibers coalesce to form pure paper that doesn’t need any glue for additional stabilization. This designer thus crafts vessels that facilitate a dignified and aesthetic farewell. The prices range from 350 to 1200 euros.

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Art Aurea Awards – Winners 2016

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