Andrea Roethlin
Andrea Röthlin
1967Born in Kerns/Obwalden, Switzerland
1989–1994Free art, Luzern
1994–1999Work in various art studios, California
Since 1999Freelance Artist, studio in Kerns/Obwalden

Andrea Roethlin

The interplay of colors in Andrea Roethlin’s objects reminds the viewer of gaseous planets in distant galaxies. By combining contrasting materials such as metal and paper or gold and ink, she creates clouds of color and abstract patterns. This Swiss artist often uses materials that the viewer can’t recognize at first glance. It’s due, in part, to these materials that her objects have complex surface textures that create various effects as a result of changes between light and shadow or of the natural passing of time. Röthlin deliberately uses these effects to highlight the nature of time and its evitable passage.