Jonathan Radetz
2006–2009Worked at e15 Design und Distributions GmbH, development and design
2011–2013Vocational Academy for Interior and Object Design, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
2012Worked as an intern at Stefan Diez Office Since
2013Has been working as a freelance product designer for: e15 Design und Distributions GmbH, dua, Saskia Diez, atelier 522, Peppermint Products
2013 & 2015Set up Jono Concepts and launched the Jonathan Radetz Jewellery line

Jonathan Radetz

Jonathan Radetz’ designs are characterized by their receptiveness to unusual sources of inspiration and his aspiration to convey meaningful contents. This interdisciplinary designer comes up with his best ideas when he is surrounded by nature or while traveling. Jonathan Radetz has felt a special affinity for Istanbul ever since he co-initiated the “Istanbul’dan” project. Like his other brands, this project is all about minimalist products that have an exciting story behind them and are much more than mere three-dimensional objects. There are only very few designers who skillfully cover the entire gamut from jewelry and furniture all the way through to ceramics and glass objects. Owing this special gift to his valuable experience as a master cabinetmaker and product designer, Jonathan Radetz uses a wide variety of high-quality materials to create exquisite objects featuring clear-cut, geometrical shapes and a compellingly straightforward elegance.