Aino Nebel
1972Born in Berlin, Germany
1993–2000Studied Sculpture at Halle’s University of Art and Design and at Dresden’s Academy of Fine Arts
2005Perron Art Award for porcelain, Frankenthal
2006Ceramics Award sponsored by the town of Frechen’s Cultural Foundation
Since 2012Has been living and working in Cologne, Germany

Aino Nebel

It’s with an experimental mindset – and not with a premeditated plan as to a creation’s aesthetic or the crafting technique involved – that Aino Nebel approaches the usually ceramic material from which she makes her objects. This sculptor attaches great importance to exploring a material’s behavior when it’s being shaped, in particular that of porcelain. By letting go of part of her control, she allows the materials to be active and adopt their shapes by themselves. Then the creative forces of the consistencies concerned, ranging from liquid to solid, manifest themselves. The kiln’s heat also has visible effects, especially when her objects are fired several times or over-fired. Deformations are more than welcome and, in the form of layers created by time, failed objects, rubble and waste are incorporated into new entities. The prices range from 200 to 5,000 euros.