Lut Laleman
1958Born in Diksmuide, Belgium
2009Bavarian State Prize for Design
2011Prize of honour, International Ceramics Festival Mino, Japan

Lut Laleman

Lut Laleman makes vessels in seemingly simple shapes: cylinders, funnel-like chalices or kidney shapes, colored black, white and gray, and often in pairs. Closer scrutiny discovers the complexity of these artworks. In chromatic alternation of black and white elements, Lut Laleman builds her artworks from thin strands of white and black porcelain or from thousands of their miniscule segments. Mathematical precision and accurate calculation of the sequences result in pierced lineatures. The minimalism of this “stop-motion ceramics” seems absurdly complicated. Like the illusion of motion in animated cartoons, the form and its inner, finely subdivided sketching ensue from the slow compilation of small and smaller elements. The results are structures, translucent and pierced with narrow holes, similar to but much finer than what one might see in woven baskets, yet unprecedented in ceramics.

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Art Aurea Awards – Winners 2016