1981Aidin Zimmermann was born in Teheran, Iran
1980Daniel Lorch was born in Baden-Baden, Germany
2011L&Z was established in Berlin


Under their brand name of L&Z, Aidin Zimmermann and Daniel Lorch offer urban design made in Germany. “People’s lifestyle habits are undergoing drastic changes, and traditional behavior patters are being replaced by new ones,” they say. With their product range comprising mobile and practical objects for workspaces, they provide intelligent solutions that respond to present-day societal developments and the concomitant necessity for people to be more and more flexible. All their desks, mobile pedestals, paperweights and trash bins are created by selected designers, easy to produce, efficient in terms of material economy, and ergonomically optimized. The result is top-quality and beautifully designed office furniture that meets all the requirements of a modern workspace. The prices range from 35 to 800 euros.

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