Si-Sook Kang
1962Born in Seoul, South Korea
1981–1986National University of Seoul, Industrial design
1987–1993Muthesius Kunsthochschule Kiel, Germany, free art (ceramics)
Since 1996Free Artist (ceramics)
Since 2001Studio with Kap-Sun Hwang in Kellinghusen, Germany

Si-Sook Kang

According to Si-Sook Kang, what characterizes a good contemporary ceramic artist is their achieving a harmonious balance between preserving and innovating. This important principle can also be discerned in the creations of this Korean potter, who now lives in Germany. The icy-blue celadon glaze that she uses, for example, was originally developed in China and is popular throughout Asia for its greenish tint reminiscent of jade. By using this traditional material and combining it with gently curved, organic shapes, Si-Sook Kang endows her porcelain vessels with an inimitably sensuous aura.