Kiho Kang
1980Born in Jin-Hae, South Korea
1999–2009BA and MA Ceramic Art, Kookmin University Seoul
2011–2014MA artistic Ceramics and Glass, Koblenz University of Applied Sciences
2008–2014World Ceramic Exposition Foundation Award, Cheongju Bayerischer Staatspreis, Award of the Justus Brinckmann Gesellschaft and more

Kiho Kang

Kiho Kang constructs his strictly geometrical vessel shapes using the coil method. He prefers this process ‘because it gives me a range of designs and a richness of expression, it forces me to work slowly and deliberately and it gives the pieces a special surface quality.’ The surfaces of the porcelain look randomly structured and are always matte and unglazed on the exterior, partially transparent and glazed in the interior. He lovingly shapes tea utensils or some with an unspecified function in this way. Their playful elements mean they look equally appealing in a group or solo.