Silke Janssen
1953Born in Regensburg
1986–1998Apprenticeship at Prof. Charlotte Döhler, Aumühle/Hamburg, and at Heinz Friedrich Meyer, Lüneburg
1998Journeywoman examination as weaver
Since 2004Own workshop in Hamburg
Since 2007Weaving with paper yarns

Silke Janssen

Silke Janssen’s bags unite minimalist clarity, sleek elegance and lively, refined textures. Her secret is to combine strong European paper yarns with yarns made from strips of shopping bags or newspaper. She uses an ancient Japanese technique to spin these recyclable materials into yarn on a spinning wheel. The colors of the resulting yarns cannot be planned in advance, thus giving each bag an unmistakable appearance. The influence of light and motion enchants the viewer with ever-changing nuances of colors and textures. Light and motion are also permanent elements in the design of Silke Janssen’s airily transparent scarves. The weaver often combines silk with strips of paper or with shifu yarns that she fabricates from Japanese paper according to the ancient Japanese technique. Retail prices between 120 and 250 €.

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