Hirsch – Woodenheart
1966born in Bretten (Baden)
Seit 1983Master of Fiscal Affairs
2012learns to turn wood
2014studio in Bruchsal
2016first participation in fairs and contests, opening in Baden-Baden

Hirsch – Woodenheart

Ever since she was young girl, Elke Hirsch has been fascinated by paints, lacquers, varnishes and wood. Inspired by a journey, in 2011 she decided to craft exquisite objects from German and European wood, and, with a lot of passion and commitment to quality, has been creating bowls from hardwood in her Hirsch – Woodenheart manufactory ever since. Most of the wood she uses originates from Baden-Württemberg, which is also where all of her pieces are crafted entirely by hand. “For me, combining wood – the world’s oldest building material – and one of the oldest crafting techniques – wood-turning – was the natural thing to do,” she says. She turns the prototype of each bowl, which is then manufactured by a master wood-turner. The finished objects – each of which is a one-of-a-kind piece – reveal the wood grain through the transparent lacquer. Prices start at 360 euros.