Gaël Gros
1983Born in Le Creusot, France
2003–2004Studied Visual Arts and obtained his degree at the Appalachian State University, USA
2004–2006Studied Applied Arts at the ATEP School in Paris
2007–2009Dual training as a theater sculptor
Since 2010Has been working as a freelance sculptor

Gaël Gros

The French sculptor Gaël Gros does not shy away from working on the borderline between the art, design and scenography genres. His latest series of furniture combines wood and concrete – as an allusion, typical of him, to nature’s advance into the urban environment. Gros finds inspiration during his forays through abandoned places that have been reclaimed by nature – with trees growing through roofs and asphalt pierced by greenery – and has reified this special aesthetic in creations that feature wooden branches protruding from plywood boards. Concrete, with its industrial aura, only seems to contrast with the natural elements, because here, too, a kind of “life” is involved when liquid cement and sand solidify to form an object. The specific surface texture, with air inclusions and other irregularities, makes for an intriguing interplay of different hues of gray, endowing each piece with a personality of its own. Prices range from 90 to 790 euros.