Stefanie Frye
1983Born in Neuwied, Germany
2003–2007Trained as a goldsmith
2007–2011Applied Art and Design at the University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf
Since 2012Freelance jewelry designer

Stefanie Frye

Clear, yet sensual soft shapes, precious materials and fascinating optical effects are characteristic of Stefanie Frye’s jewelry. In her lumière series, awarded with a Red Dot Design Award, colored gemstones are embedded in hemispheres of rock crystal to create fascinating effects. In her fusion collection the designer combines yellow or white gold with rock crystal. At the point at which the two spheres seem to blend into one another, the color of the precious metal is reflected into the crystal, illuminating everything that surrounds it.  All of Stefanie Frye’s jewelry series are produced exclusively in Germany. The goldsmith works closely together with a gemstone cutter in Idar-Oberstein.

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