Katharina Eder
1964Born in Klosterneuburg, Lower Austria
Since 1992Has worked with glass as a material
2013Accepted into the Bund der Kunsthandwerker Baden-Württemberg
2013Accepted into the Bayrischen Kunstgewerbeverein

Katharina Eder

Katharina Eder has been fascinated for many years by an old Viennese handicraft: crocheting with antique Bohemian glass beads. Practiced for centuries, this textile technique was also used in the production of glass-bead necklaces during the era of the Wiener Werkstätte [Viennese Workshops]. The threads are typically concealed in traditionally crafted glass-bead pieces, but Katharina Eder refined the technique to create a small series called Fadenspiel [Thread Play] in which the textile threads are deliberately made visible, thus giving them a new importance and producing brightly colored, filigreed jewelry.