Martina Dempf
1955Born in Stuttgart
1974–1980Attended Hochschule für Gestaltung in Pforzheim, earned diploma as jewelry designer
1981–1992Studied ethnology and philosophy at Freie Universität Berlin, graduated with M.A. degree, since 1983 field research at the Horn of Africa
Seit 1982Workshop in Berlin; also a workshop in Greece since 2000
Seit 2005Event gallery for jewelry in Berlin

Martina Dempf

Martina Dempf is a jewelry designer and ethnologist. Her imaginative creations are inspired by the traditions of exotic cultures which she personally experienced and explored during her research expeditions and workshops in Africa, the Near East and Asia. Nature is another source of inspiration for Martina Dempf, who confronts the electronic “noise” of the information society with authentic artifacts that bear traces of their maker’s hand. Each object has a story all its own. “I hope it will spark the curiosity and imagination of its beholders and make them want to explore its story, take the object in their hands, try it out and adorn themselves with it,” says this versatile designer, whose objects are not created for quick consumption. The prices range from 400 to 2,000 euros.