Christian Bürger
1984Born in Konstanz
2005–2008Trained as a goldsmith under Maile Andreas, Konstanz
2010–2012Studied at the Drawing Academy in Hanau, graduated as a designer and master goldsmith
2012Set up his own atelier

Christian Bürger

Christian Bürger’s “Black Cat Bone” series references the song “Black Cat Hoot Owl Blues” by Ma Rainey. And because people say wearing a black cat’s bone would bring good luck, he came up with the idea of creating a bone-shaped ring that can be worn on a finger as a lucky charm, he explains. Using the sand casting, deep drawing, metal spinning and pressing techniques, Christian Bürger mainly works with silver, because this precious metal continuously changes, thus maintaining its vibrant aura. It’s while working the material that he develops the pieces of his “Raw” series, creating “natural curves and transitions of shapes that are defined by the silver itself. The results of the forming process are appealingly vibrant surfaces,” explains the designer, who takes a markedly individual stance on the contemporary jewelry scene.