Patrizia Bonati
1964Born in Cremona, Italy
1987–91Apprenticeship as goldsmith in Milan
1991Atelier in Cremona
2003–08Course with Giampaolo Babetto, Florence
2004Co-Founder of AGC (Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo)

Patrizia Bonati

Gold – extremely popular among Italian jewelry artists – is Patrizia Bonati’s material of choice. Creating her own alloys, she exacts interesting colour variations from the precious element. The flexible metal so typical for her organic works evolves from hammering and twisting techniques. The accents she sets in white enamel, combined with irregular edges and matt, structured surfaces, lend some of her pieces the appearance of archeological finds on which the ravages of time have bestowed a particularly charming finish. A further reference to primordial sources is the circular form, which in her work never appears to be completely round. “I like the idea that everything can change” comments Bonati, talking about her fascination with the concepts of “transformation” and “movement”. The result is jewelry that is contemporary, and yet harks back in time to the past. Price range between 200 and 3.000 euros.

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Art Aurea Awards – Winners 2016
Italian Design at Eunique

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