Riccardo Belli
1992Born in Maastricht, Netherlands
2013Winner Good Industrial Design Award for Bolea Lounger (Leolux. B.V)
2014Graduated in Product Design, Academy of Fine Arts & Design Maastricht
2015Founded Belli, Studio for Design
2015Nominated for Talente Design Award, Munich

Riccardo Belli

Collaborating with experienced restaurant chefs Riccardo Belli creates a world of highly sensitive products where the consumer plays a significant role. “My aim is not only to design a product with a distinct functionality, but – when designing – also implementing human experiences and social behaviors.” During the process of designing, all the things he comes up with, become like real friends to him, all his designs become little creatures with each its own character and name. According to Belli, design is a powerful tool to shape the world around us, in order to better our human nature in a more emotional, poetical, experimental and functional way. Next to food related products, he designed the elegant, expressive but nevertheless very comfortable Bolea lounger for the Dutch design brand Leolux. Prices around 96 euros.