1982Company founded by Wojciech Kalandyk


The Art7 design studio has worked experimentally with amber for many years. Their specialty is to discover new unexpected qualities of the material – in structure, shape and colour. For its new “Black Dress” collection, they heat treat the stones’ surfaces which, as a result, change their color to black. Art7 interprets the thus obtained black amber in a unique style and in unconventional formal combinations with silver. Sometimes the result is an archaic pendant on a slender gold-plated chain to wear around the neck, other times it’s a truffle-shaped stone on a ring for the finger. The playful handling of luxurious elements such as pavé details is particularly eye catching. The studio’s designs have earned numerous prizes and awards. Last but not least, by working with this theme, Art7 takes its place in Poland’s rich amber tradition, which the studio revitalizes through its contemporary approach.

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